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Have you ever wanted to try out Amateur Radio but didn’t know anyone involved or know how to get involved yourself? Are you a ham radio operator that will be in the area looking for something to do? The Hampden County Radio Association will be holding a field day right in Agawam Massachusetts on June 27th and 28th. Anyone is welcome to stop by and check it out and even participate. We will be having multiple stations on the air trying to make contact with other operators doing the same thing. This would be the perfect chance to get your feet wet as well as meeting many area operators.


  • Setup June 26th 2015
    Setup Start Time At School Street: Approx 10am
  • Field Day Start: June 27th 2015, 2:00pm
  • VE Session: June 27th 2015, Approx 5PM
  • Field Day Ends, Teardown begins: June 28th 2015, Approx 2:00pm


School Street Park.
School Street
Agawam MA, 01001
Lat/Long: 42.073587, -72.592778


If for some reason you can’t make it to the Field Day in Agawam MA, you can still check out  to see if there is a Field Day near you but using the ARRL’s Field Day Locator.

Aerial Video Of HCRA’s Field Day in 2014 at School Street Park

Thanks to Jim Mullen (KK1W) for the footage


One of the reasons why we do Field Day is simulate operating in emergency conditions. Extra points are awards for those who use “Emergency Power” such as generators and batteries. More points are also awarded to those who use alternate sources of power like solar and/or wind to keep batteries charged.

Your HCRA Board of Directors thought that we should have a Field Day raffle prize that fits the occasion. Would you be able to use your station if you’ve lost power? If not, we have the perfect package to help you make that possible. HCRA is raffling off a battery backup stater package.

Package Includes:

1 Battery Box (Retails $15)

This box will keep your battery safe by limitng water entry, effectively collects battery acid, allows adequate ventilation, and protects against accidental contact of battery terminals. Battery Not Included

1 EZ-Gate (Hamsource, Retails $70)

Hook this up to your battery and your power supply and you’ll have almost instantaneous switching from power supply to battery if the power were to ever fail. The EZgate also acts as a trickle charger to keep your battery maintained while your power supply is on.

1 EZ4 Power Distribution Strip (Retails $60)

EZ4 2

Being able to distribute power for multiple devices can be a challenge for some. The EZ4 allows up to 4 outputs from one input. There is also a voltage monitor that will display the voltage from either your power or battery

Combine the above with a decent deep cycle battery and some cables and your station will be ready if you were to ever lose power.

Total Retail Package: $145

The Winner for the Field Day raffle was Harold (N1FTP)

VE Session


What could make field day even better is to walk away with a new or upgraded amateur radio license. At the ARRL 2015 Field Day, we had 5 people take the exam. The rain held out until the last second. We now have

One new tech
One new tech that also got general
One new general
One new extra


Callsign Used: W1NY
Planned Class: 6A
Section: WMA

Station Setup

Band Mode Captain Rig Antenna Shelter
75/15 SSB Larry (KD1RV) TS-590S (RV) InV/TriBeam (NY) Camper (W1SQ)
80/20/10 CW Matt (W1MSW) K3 (MSW) InV/TriBeam (NY) Tent (MSW)
40/15 CW Jim (KK1W) K3 (N1FJ) Beam 40-2CD/Tribeam (NY) Tent (MSW)
40/10 SSB Jeff (NT1K) K3 (1K) Beam 40-2CD/Tribeam (NY) Tent (NY)
20 SSB John (Kx1x) 756 PII (1W) TriBeam/ (NY) Pop Up (NWH)
160 SSB/CW Nick (K1MAZ) FT-100D (MAZ) InvL (MAZ) Tent (MAZ)

Field Day Staff

Position Name/Call
Tower Captain
Antenna Captain
VE Session Jeff/NT1K
Food Area ?
Networking and logging (N1MM) Nick/K1MAZ
Emergency Power-Generators(500) Station Captains
Public Information Table (100) ?
Public Information Table (alt) ?
W1AW Bulletin (100) Ed (KB1NWH)
Message Origination to Section Manager (100) ?
Message Handling (100) ?
Satellite QSO (100) ?
Alternate Power (100) ?
Educational Activity (100) Bob (K1YO)
Media Publicity (100) Jeff/NT1K
Web Submission(50) Jeff/NT1K
Site visit from elected official(100) ?
Field Day Youth Participation (100) ?
Safety Bruce/KB1TLX

Setup Crew

Name/Call Name/Call Name/Call
Jeff/NT1K Ed/KB1NWH Rockwell/WW1X
Lary/KD1RV Al/KB1XG Earl/KD1UU
Jim/KK1W Bruce/KB1TLX Karl/KB1RXO
Alan/N3IMU Dave/AA1YW Jim/KK1W


Name/Call Name/Call Name/Call
Jeff/NT1K Larry/KD1RV Jim/KK1W
Frandy/N1FJ Matt/W1MSW John/Kx1x
Nick/K1MAZ Rockwell/WW1X Matt/W2MDW
Chris/KB1RMA Chris/KB1WKI Kiely/K2KHA
Al/KB1XG Steve/W3SM James/WD1S
Brian/W8XDR Phillip/K6PMT Earl/KD1UU
Dave/WN1E Mike/N1TA Jess/KK6RBC
Sue/WA1SJG Nadine/KB1VSX Ryan/KG7BBO

Action Items:


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