Field Day 2014

HCRA Field Day 2014



Anyone And Everyone Is Welcome To Attend

Have you ever wanted to try out Amateur Radio but didn’t know anyone involved or know how to get involved yourself? Are you a ham radio operator that will be in the area looking for something to do? The Hampden County Radio Association will be holding a field day right in Agawam Massachusetts on June 28th and 29th. Anyone is welcome to stop by and check it out and even participate. We will be having multiple stations on the air trying to make contact with other operators doing the same thing. This would be the perfect chance to get your feet wet as well as meeting many area operators.


  • Setup June 27th 2014
    Breakfast (Optional), 8am
    Partners Restaurant
    485 Springfield St, Feeding Hills, MA 01030Setup Time: Approx 10am
    School Street Park
    Setup Start Time At School Street: Approx 10am
  • Field Day Start: June 28th 2014, 2:00pm
  • VE Session: June 28th 2014, Approx 5PM
  • Field Day Ends, Teardown begins: June 29th 2014, 2:00pm
  • Raffle Drawing: June 29th, After the end of Field Day


School Street Park.
School Street
Agawam MA, 01001
Lat/Long: 42.073587, -72.592778

 [mapsmarker marker=”2″]


Purposed FD Site using 4 towers

If for some reason you can’t make it to the Field Day in Agawam MA, you can still check out  to see if there is a Field Day near you but using the ARRL’s Field Day Locator.

Field Day Raffle Prize!


This year HCRA is raffling off a Yaesu FT-270R VHF HT Radio right at Field Day! You can possibly leave Field Day with a brand new radio. We’re only printing 50 tickets at $5 each.

VE Session


What could make field day even better is to walk away with a new or upgraded amateur radio license. We will be testing on Saturday, June 28th @ approx 5:00pm (Weather Permitting). Anyone is welcome to participate

If you plan on testing please bring the following

  • $15 Cash or Check made out to “ARRL VEC”
  • Legal  Photo ID (e.g. Drivers License), If not you can use the TWO of the following
    • • Non-photo ID/driver’s license (some states still have them);
      • Social Security Card;
      • Birth certificate (must have the appropriate seal);
      • Minor’s work permit, school report card, school ID card or library card;
      • Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person; or
      • Postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it appears on the Form 605.
  • Writing Utensils such as pen and pencils
  • Calculator (if needed) that does not have mass storage.
  • Completed Form-605 (We’ll have some on Site)
  • Current License or CSCE (if any) and a Photocopy of License or CSCE

Due to the environment of being outdoors and during Field Day, there will be noises from the generator and other people at field day. Weather is also a factor. Test can be canceled or postponed due to weather. We can not guarantee the best conditions for testing but we will do our best. Good Luck


Planning Stages (Page Last Updated 06/18/2014)

Planned Class: 5A

Station Setup

Band Mode Captain Rig Antenna Shelter
75/15 SSB Ed (KB1NWH) FT-2000 (SQ) InV/TriBeam NWH
80/20/10 CW Matt (W1MSW) K3 (FJ) InV/TriBeam MSW
40/15 CW Matt (W1MSW) K3 (MSW) Beam 40-2CD (MSW)/Tribeam MSW
40/10 SSB Jeff (NT1K) FT950(1K) Beam 40-2CD/Tribeam (NY) NWH
20/160 SSB John (Kx1x) ProIII (1W) TriBeam (NY) Double L (MAZ) NWH

Field Day Staff

Position Name/Call
Tower Captain SSB TriBeam Ed/KB1NWH
Tower Captain CW Tribeam Matt/W1MSW
Tower Captain SSB 40m Beam Jeff/NT1K
Tower Captain CW 40m Beam Jim/KK1W
VE Session Jeff/NT1K
Food Area
Networking and logging (N1MM) Nick/K1MAZ
Emergency Power-Generators(500) Bob/W1SQ
Public Information Table (100) Rich/N1KXR
Public Information Table (alt)
W1AW Bulletin (100) Jim/KK1W
Message Origination to Section Manager (100) Rich/N1KXR
Message Handling (100)
Satellite QSO (100) Gary/AA1UE
Alternate Power (100) Frandy/N1FJ
Educational Activity (100) Bob/K1YO
Media Publicity (100) Matt/W1MSW
Media Publicity(100) Ed/KB1NWH will put blurb in Agawam Advertiser
Web Submission(50) Matt/W1MSW
Site visit from elected official(100) Matt/W1MSW will send invite
Site visit from agency official(100) Matt/W1MSW will send invite
Field Day Youth Participation (100)

Setup Crew

Name/Call Name/Call Name/Call
Jeff/NT1K Jim/KK1W Ed/KB1NWH
Matt/W1MSW James/WD1S Gary/WA1MOW
Harold/N1FTP Juergen/NV1Q John/K1VOI


Name/Call Name/Call Name/Call
Jeff/NT1K Matt/W2MDW Jim/KK1W
Ed/KB1NWH Matt/W1MSW Frandy/N1FJ
Larry/W1AST John/KX1X Bob/W1SQ
Jim/KC2FEV James/WD1S Harold/N1FTP
Juergen/NV1Q John/K1VOI Kiely/K2KHA

Action Items:

Preparation Remaining Before Field Day 2014

Park Logistics

  • Talk to Agawam Parks Dept re. location and space use – NWH


  • Transport N1FJ AB-577 to KK1W QTH – YW, FJ, 1W
  • Retrieve N1FJ guy anchors from W1MSW QTH – MSW
  • Transport W1MSW 40-2CD to KK1W QTH – MSW
  • Schedule HCRA FD trailer work party
    • Test Coax
    • Verify inventory of AB577 Totes
    • Quick inventory of antenna parts
    • Build and test W1MSW 40-2CD
      • Build Coax RF Choke
    • Check condition of 80 & 75m Inverted V’s


  • Send out note to club looking for a traffic handling volunteer on Sunday AM – MSW
  • Send out note looking for commitments for tower erections on Friday and take down on Sunday – MSW
  • Send out note looking for operators during the event – MSW
  • Send out notes to Band captains regarding when to arrive, setup procedure and map detailing station layout. – MSW

Logging and Networking

  • Contact Band Captains with logging and network requirements and expectations – MAZ

Site Photos As Of 04/26/2014

6 thoughts on “Field Day 2014

  1. Please sign me up to operate all weekend. I can do cw or ssb. Also, my friend Jim from Syracuse, NY is coming out to join us this year. He is KC2FEV and a SSB station that’s not super busy would be great for him as he’s learning. He’ll be coming with me. Sign us both up!

  2. Networking should be all set. I have everyone’s MAC addresses and have two routers: one as a DHCP server and the other as a repeater (if necessary).

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