W1NY Field Day Statistics

Below are statistics compiled from past W1NY Field Day cabrillo logs using the SH5 contest log analyzer <http://www.tr4w.com/sh5/>.  Although field day is not a contest, the points earned do represent how successful we are as a club in deploying and operating our stations.  Because SH5 is written for contest logs, not all sections of the analysis are relative.  However, some of the more interesting menu items include:

  • Main
  • Summary
  • Log
  • Rates
  • Qs By Hour Sheet
  • Break Time
  • KML Files (See all the stations we worked in Google Earth)

W1NY 2010 Field Day Stats

W1NY 2011 Field Day Stats

W1NY 2012 Field Day Stats

W1NY 2013 Field Day Stats


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