Field Day 2017




The Hampden County Radio Association (HCRA) will be participating in the American Radio Relay League’s (ARRL) annual Field Day on June 24th-25th at School Street Park in Agawam Massachusetts. HCRA will be erecting 4 temporary antenna towers and placing 5 stations on the air. At 2pm local time on Saturday, we will be communicating with thousands of similar setups across the United States and Canada for a period of 24 hours. If you are interested in amateur radio, please come down and check out one of the many aspects of amateur radio. If you have been studying for a license, we will even have an exam for those wishing to obtain or upgrade their license. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.


  • Setup June 23rd 2017
    Setup Start Time At School Street: Approx 10 AM
  • Field Day Start: June 24th 2017, 2:00 PM
  • Educational Activity: TBD
  • Field Day Picnic: Saturday approx 5:30pm (time may change)
  • VE Session: Saturday 3pm
  • Field Day Ends, Teardown begins: June 25th 2017, Approx 2:00 PM


School Street Park (Confirmed)
School Street
Agawam MA, 01001
Lat/Long: 42.073587, -72.592778


If for some reason you can’t make it to the Field Day in Agawam MA, you can still check out  to see if there is a Field Day near you but using the ARRL’s Field Day Locator

Callsign Used: W1NY
Planned Class: 5A
Section: WMA


Posistion Name/Call  Duties
Co-Chair Bob Meneguzzo/K1YO Site layout
Co-Chair Jeff Bail/NT1K Band Captains
Antenna Captain Rockwell Schrock/WW1X Checking Antennas
Tower Captain Chris Thornton/W1TRK Tower Install

Station Setup

Band Mode Captain Rig Antenna Shelter
20 CW Larry/W1AST TS-590 (AST) TX-38/dipole (NY) WRTC Tent w/ 40/15m
40/15 CW Matt/W1MSW K3 40-2CD/TX-38 (NY) WRTC Tent w/ 20m
75/15/10 SSB Larry/KD1RV TS-590SG 40-2CD (NY)/TX38 TBD
40 SSB Jeff/NT1K K3 (1K) 40-2CD (NY) WRTC Tent
20 SSB John/Kx1x TBD TX-38 (NY) HCRA camper

Field Day Staff

Position Name/Call Status Points
VE Session Jeff/NT1K DONE 0
Saturday Evening Burgers & Dogs Faye Krainson DONE 0
Networking and logging (N1MM) James Saccento (WD1S) DONE 0
Emergency Power-Generators(500) Jim/KK1W Larry/KD1RV Matt/W1MSW DONE 500
Public Information Table (100) KB1VSX DONE 100
W1AW Bulletin (100) Jim/KK1W DONE 100
Message Origination to Section Manager (100) Nadine/KB1VSX DONE 100
Message Handling (100) Nadine/KB1VSX DONE 100
Satellite QSO (100) Gary Thomas (AA1UE) DONE 100
Alternate Power (100) AL/KB1XG DONE 100
Educational Activity (100) Gary/AA1UE DONE 100
Media Publicity (100) Jim/KK1W DONE 100
Web Submission(50) Jeff/NT1K DONE 50
Site visit from elected official(100) NONE 0
Site visit from a served agency (100) Nadine/KB1VSX DONE 100
Field Day Youth Participation (60) James/WD1S BSA DONE 100
Social Media (100) Jeff/NT1K DONE 100


Setup Crew

Name/Call Name/Call Name/Call
Juergen/NV1Q John/K1VOI Al/KB1XG
Ron/AB1ZJ Dave/WM1B Todd/KB1YEP
Nadine/KB1VSX Dave/AA1YW Steve
Jim/KK1W Bob/K1YO Jeff/NT1K
Rockwell/WW1X Eric/AG1Z Chrs/W1TRK
Robert/W1AFP Najm/AB1ZA


Name/Call Name/Call Name/Call
Al/KB1XG Dave/WM1B Nadine/KB1VSX
Larry/W1AST Matt/W1MSW Jeff/NT1K
Jim/KK1W Paul/NF1G Steve/W3SM
James/WD1S Chris/KB1RMA Chris/KB1WKI
Angela/KC1HSR Chris/W1TRK John/Kx1x
Matt/W2MDW Sean/WA1TE Rockwell/WW1X
Steve/N1IBS AL/KB1XG Larry/KD1RV
Eric/AG1Z Katie James

Score Tally

Band Mode QSO Points
3.5 CW 105 210
3.5 LSB 196 196
7 CW 784 1568
7 LSB 1080 1080
14 CW 545 1090
14 USB 466 466
21 CW 34 68
21 USB 466 466

Total CW contacts: 1468
Total SSB contacts: 2543

Total CW points: 2936
Total SSB points: 2543

Total Contacts: 4011
Total Contacts Points (X2): 10,958

Total Claimed Points 2017: 12,668
2016 Score (6A): 9592
2015 Score (6A): 9974
2014 Score (6A): 12,558

Pin map of the majority of the contacts made during Field Day 2017


To Do List:

Secure FD Site – NT1K – Done
Station and Site Layout – K1YO – In Progress – Done
Trailer Repair – Repair roof and general maintainece – Planned for early May (NOT DONE!!)
Trailer Cleanup – Planned for early May – Done
Mock antenna assembly – Planned for early May – Done
Purchase needed parts – Done
Purchase/Fabricate different lengths of coax.- Approved – Done
Fabricate Antenna Helpers (Extension to Lift Antenna onto Tower) – NT1K – Done 
Alternate Stake Installation – Not Done
Acquire Grill For Cooking – Done KC1V Dontation

VE Exam at Field Day

What could make field day even better is to walk away with a new or upgraded amateur radio license. At the ARRL 2016 Field Day, HCRA/NT1K will be administering a VE Exam. Anyone is welcome to participate

Date has passed (Thank you!)

When: Saturday June 24th 2017
Time: 3:00 PM Approximate
Weather Permitting

Cost: 15$ (Cash or Check/MO to “ARRL VEC”

A government issued photo ID is required (Drivers License, State ID, Passport, Passcard). If you do not have an photo ID, please bring two forms of ID (SS Card, Utility Bill with current address,  etc)

If you are currently licensed, you must bring a photocopy of your current license to be given to the VE Team. If you do not have an offical copy of your license. Please visit the FCC ULS Website and login or create an account to obtain an official copy.

Due to the outdoor environment, there will be noise from Field Day operations, Generators and park usage. We will be un-able to control the noise level . Please keep that in mind if attending

Approx 5:30pm


HCRA will be hosting a Saturday night picnic for members and guests in attendance. We will be cooking up Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers and Hot dogs along with some snack food. We ask that you help out by bringing something along like snack food (chips) or a desert. It should be a great time with great people. If you are coming just for the picnic, please fill out the volunteer/guest form and check off that you will be attending the picnic. That way we can purchase the proper amount of food and avoiding waste.

A BIG thanks goes out to Larry and Faye Krainson and George for helping to make this possible.


The poll results are in and the members have spoken. This year HCRA will be raffling off the Yaesu FT-891 with ATAS-120A antenna. Combined total of around $1000usd. HCRA will print only 250 tickets and will be available starting this Friday at school street park. Tickets are just $10ea. The item will be raffled at the meeting after all 250 tickets are sold or during the annual MTARA’s hamfest in 2018


We’re looking for donations to help cover the costs of field day. Any ammount would be grateful. Money will be used to purchase food, drinks and equipment needed for Field Day. You can use either your credit card or paypal account by clicking the button below. Thank you for your donation!

Donators:Brian Mullarney (KC1BDF) – CashThank you to those who donated to the HCRA field day.


Resources For Volunteers:

HCRA will be using handheld/portable radios on site for communications. We will be using 146.580MHz/146.595MHz simplex within the ground. We will also be using the K1ZJH repeater (146.7150-  PL:100) for talk-ins and to communicate with those outside the park. Please make sure your radios are charged and programmed to support these frequencies

Even though HCRA will be providing tools for each tower/antenna, it’s suggested you bring your own tools that could speed up installation. Tools suggested would be battery powered drill, impact driver w/ screw and socket adapters, metric/SAE hex bits, nut drivers, screwdriver set, knife and gloves. Please use caution when dealing with impact gun to or drill to not strip threads.

We ask that anyone who is visiting and/or volunteering at the FD site to use the parking lots that are located on either school street or Corey street. Do not drive on the pathway into the park/bandshell with the exception of station captains or those bringing in equipment. We will be locking the gate, anyone staying overnight will have the option to bring their vehicle in during the night.

All questions during Field Day should be directed to the appropriate person. Antennas will be directed to Rockwell (WW1X), towers will be directed to Chris (W1TRK), N1MM+ networking will be directed to James (WD1S),  Station/Camper location will be directed to Bob (K1YO) and Station captains will be directed to Jeff (NT1K). Please use the radio

Lunch will be provided to volunteers during Friday setup in form of a pizza (possibly from bella napoli in west springfield). If you have any type of allergy, please consider bringing in your own lunch. There will be plenty of water on hand for volunteers. Mark your bottles!

We ask that you leave School Street park better than when we found it. Please pickup your trash and any other trash that you might see during your time at School Street park. Let’s show the people of Agawam how professional and clean we are. Overnight guests should pickup before going to bed.

Below are some links and manuals that will be used at HCRA field day, it’s suggested that you glance over them to get a general idea of assembly and installation of the towers and antennas

AB- 577 Tower Manual– 17Mb PDF – HCRA will Be using up to 4 towers

Cushcraft 40-2CD Manual – 1.6Mb PDF- 2-el Beam for 40m, We will be using 2 beams. One for CW and the other for SSB. Already partially assembled

TX-38 “WRTC Style” Assembly – 5.2Mb PDF- Tri-band (10/15/20) beam used in FD. Antennas are already pre-assembled.

TX-38 (Tri-Band) Beam Manual – 3.3Mb PDF – Full manual for the TX-38 Beam. Antennas are partially assembled for Field Day. Please use “WRTC Style” assembly file instead.

ARRL Field Day Website – Weblink – Operators will be able to find rules and guidelines