ARRL 10M 2013

ARRL 10 Meter Contest 2013

Call Operators Class MODE QSOs Multiplier Total
K1MAZ K1MAZ MOLP Mixed 34 19 1292
KB1JFQ KB1JFQ SOLP SSB 203 64 25,984
KB1VKY KB1VKY SOLP SSB 45 40 3,600
KB1VWQ KB1VWQ SOLP SSB 123 41 10,086
N1AW N1AW SOLP CW 27 16 1728
N3IMU N3IMU SOLP Mixed 73 44 10,472
NE1C KX1X, KC1AHC, K1UCH, N1ELI MOLP SSB 134 58 15,544
NV1Q NV1Q SOHP Mixed 438 215 282,940
NZ1MT NZ1MT SOQRP SSB 60 35 4,200
W1MSW W1MSW MOHP Mixed 872 215 612320
WB1DBY WB1DBY, KC2FEV MOLP Mixed 341 108 86616
WD1S James SO Mixed 89 53 14,734
WN1E Dave SOLP Mixed 330 72 178,200
Club Total 1,247,716

Soapbox Comments:

Matt/W1MSW – Conditions were excellent this weekend. Big early openings to EU between 11:30Z and 12:00Z on both Saturday and Sunday. I started off Friday night SOHP, but by Saturday late morning, I decided to go assisted and reclassified myself to Multi-Single. The bands were busy, but still enough room to elbow my way in to a spot for some decent runs. Very fun to see how fast you’re spotted by the skimmers when calling CQ in CW. Only heard and worked one HCRA station this year (KB1JFQ), but as much as I like meeting up on the club net freq when things are slow, I’d rather be making points! I didn’t operate as much as I would have liked to, but balance in life is good and the driveway is clear of snow. Thank you to everyone from HCRA who participated this year and I hope to see you all and more next year!

And as usual, if you want more stats:

Dave/WN1E: Operated more than I planned between Christmas Partys and snow removal. I heard MSW in there briefly Friday night, but he didn’t hear me. That was it for club members. All search and pounce.

Dan/KB1VWQ: Yaesu FT-847, 100w SoLP, 1st year with new Quad/Yagi Mini-Beam (MQ-26SR) on the tower, Didnt operate as long as I wanted to. About 9hrs out of 36 possible. Worked 11hrs DAYTIME Saturday, Plus Hrs of Snow Removal Sunday here and at a neighbors house who is away. Goal Acheived, was better than last years G5RV, Will try better next year hopefully with CW as a new goal… 73

Juergen/NV1Q: Had company over this weekend, which limited the time I could spend on the radio.

John/NE1C: Two first time contesters. Saturday only. 10m mono wire up 20′ at a temporary location. Success.

Al/N1AW: I was tied up all day on Saturday with other obligations, and it seemed like I spent half of Sunday dealing with snow on the driveway, walk, and decks — so I only was able to get into the contest for about an hour and a half late in the day.

Alan/N3IMU: Between family time and snow shoveling I was only on the air for a couple of hours, but conditions were excellent

Larry/WB1DBY: My friend Jim, KC2FEV from Bridgeport, NY (east of Syracuse) was in for the weekend. He also brought Jake home from college for winter break. This was Jim’s first contest outside Field Day and was a treat for him. In between nearly every ssb contact he and I would chat. Sometimes about the contest, but not all the time. And since we hadn’t seen each other since Dayton, we had a lot to talk about!
I had invited a bunch of future hams and some other ham friends but the snow storm squashed that. But we did get a few guests to stop by including Jeff, KB1VKY who got a feel for how easy it was to make a contact having the beam on the roof vs his inside the attic antenna. We have the same rig, the TS-590 Kenwood.
Overall, with the band open, the contest was a blast. We worked the whole contest search and pounce which was easier for my guests. The end results were better than I anticipated as my goal was to beat the prior year and that was easily done. Next year with the new call will be even easier as less time will be spent correcting the WB1DBY as W1AST should prove easier to get the first time it is spoken.
It was a fun and easy contest to work and is one of my favorites. Faye spoiled us with great meals such as teriyaki salmon and others to keep us nourished and ready to operate!

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