ARRL 10M 2012

ARRL 10 Meter Contest 2012

Call Operators Class QSOs Multiplier Total
WB1Z Jim(KK1W) Frandy(N1FJ) MOHP 605 148 296888
KB1VWQ Dan SOLP 63 24 3024
WD1S James SOLP 93 41 9102
DK1TM/W1 Juergen SOHP 328 115 120750
NT1K Jeff SOLP 19 4 152
KE2SN David SOLP 50 24 2400
WB1DBY Larry SOLP 206 64 34176
K1VOI John SOLP 124 45 11160
NE1C Nick(K1MAZ) Jimmy(KB1PRA) MOLP 79 32 5120
WN1E Dave SOLP 150 61 31232
W1MSW Matt SOHP 94 38 12312
N1AW Al SOLP 40 25 4000
W1SCI Bob(NQ1C) Andrew(KB1WPJ MOLP 3500
Club Total: 533816

Soapbox Comments:

Larry/WB1DBY: My Kenwood TS-590s & the Heil Proset 6 headset worked superbly and having the old Mosley TA-33 on the roof was a definite plus. The headset made making the phone Q’s much easier than last year with the stock hand mic. I kept getting great audio and signal reports and people asking me what rig I was running as it sounded so good. I love my Kenwood!

Dave/WN1E: I had to work Saturday, so my operating was limited to Friday and Saturday night and most of Sunday. I concentrated on cw and over 100 of my Q’s were using that mode. The K3 worked nicely and the cw decode feature helped me a bit with the DX serial numbers.

Matt/W1MSW: Antenna problems and feeling rundown from the plague my daughter brought home from daycare convinced me to throw in the towel on Saturday morning. It’s a shame because this is my favorite contest, but when you feel so bad you’re not having fun, it’s time to call it. Conditions were not nearly as good as they were a few weeks ago during CQWWDX-CW, but I still managed to squeeze in some DX on Saturday morning. It was also fun to watch how short some openings could be. I would suddenly hear a station in NM, work them and seconds later they would fade into the noise. Just goes to show, you have to keep spinning that dial no matter how boring it gets sometimes.

David/KE2SN: Well, I have been trying to think of my excuse – I mean my justification for my score, Guess I will blame it on my old rig and equally old vertical which collected noise equally well fom all directions, but had fun 2400, 50 Qs, 24 Mult. Like James, last few Mults were in last hour of operation.

Jeffrey/NT1K: G5RV doesn’t work well on 10 and my dipole (located in attic) is picking more noise within the house so I didn’t really have an antenna to compete with. With ongoing house projects, the contest was an after thought. Only DX was Chile (CE3CT). Hopefully next year my weekend is more clear to play radio

James/WD1S: First contest and first time using N1MM – so assuming I had it all set up right I was (9,102, 93, 41) With a bunch of points coming in the last hour after I thought I was done.

Dan/KB1VWQ: Underdog. w/ my G5RV Sr. – But still had a lot of fun, and did what I could… However, reporting a shameful 3,024/63/24 as Sing. OP/LoPWR/Spotter Unassist.

Al/N1AW: The 10 meter weekend wasn’t a good one for me, I was able to operate less than 2 -1/2 hours, never for longer than 50 minutes at a stretch.

Bob/NQ1C: “We wanted to run more CW contacts, but we found that the monitor/sidetone on our old FT-767GX doesn’t work anymore. Did you ever try to send CW without a sidetone? Needless to say we gave up on the CW pretty quickly. Only got to work about 6 hours on Saturday and about 2 hours on Sunday. The G5RV tuned up OK on 10 meters but 10 is not the G5RV’s strongest band. Maybe next year we’ll try some other antenna dedicated to 10 meters. Had fun, anyway!”

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