ARRL 10M 2005

Name Call Class Score
Les K1DNX SOP Low Mixed ?
John K1VOI SOP Low SSB 306
George KC1V SOP Low Mixed 4644
Earl KD1UU SOP Low SSB 1596
Jim KK1W SOP Low Mixed 65712
Total Club Score: 72258


Jim, KK1W: No Patriot’s game to distract me this year but other family commitments didn’t allow a 48 hour participation. Saturday was fairly productive, especially late in the evening! I got back from dinner with friends to find a sporadic E opening to the South that was unbelievable! I bet I worked over 100 Q’s in an hour and a half. Not a lot of multipliers but who cares? Sunday was so-so in the morning and the band closed early. All in all I did much better than 2004. Still a good indication that these contests can be fun even when the band is uncooperative. I hope some of our new members with HF privileges were able to participate.

George, KC1V: Glad I heard you during the test, sounds like you had a good contest. My score came out to 4644 points, about like last year, which figures as it was the same gear, op and time. I had about 75 mixed QSOs, 36 multipliers and a lot of fun. Also heard too many CT stations working stations I couldn’t ear. Next year I should have a beam in the air!

John, K1VOI: 17 contacts with a claimed score of 306 Took a coupled of tries to get the scores in – didn’t like a period after Assn 73’s

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