ARRL 10M 2004

Name Call Class Score
Jim KK1W SOP Low Mixed 19364
John Kx1x SOP Low SSB 4480
George KC1V SOP Low Mixed 3840
Les K1DNX SOP Low Mixed 5518
Rick N1RL SOP Low Mixed 2754
Total Club Score: 35956


Jim, KK1W: I only spent about a few hours this year, mostly on Saturday. Work and tickets to Sunday’s Patriot’s game took most of my time. The band was pretty good on Saturday. I heard more than I worked. Strong signals from Africa early Saturday afternoon. I ended the day with 100 Q’s and a little over 10K points. I played for about a half hour on Sunday before leaving for the Patriot’s game. Not a lot of Q’s but managed to bag quite a few new multipliers. When I got back from Foxboro around 5:30 on Sunday the band had closed but I managed to eek out a few more contacts. CW seemed to be more productive for me, but maybe it was just easier to let the computer call CQ there? Anyway, it was fun and pretty active considering the point of the solar cycle we are now in.

George, KC1V: I submitted my log as a club member. It is the first contest log I have ever submitted. I only had time to make a handful of contacts, mostly cw, but it was fun and the band was better than I had expected.

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