ARRL 10M 2002

ARRL 10 Meter Contest Results
Official ARRL Score

This was our first year participating as a club in the popular ARRL 10M Contest. A large number of club members at the Holiday Party thought it was a good idea and apparently it was! Take a look at the scores presented below. Yet another example of how interested, excited and participative our members our in the hobby. The only downside is; how will be beat this score next year?

Name Call Class Score
Dan AA1TE SOP Low CW 1764
Juergen DK1TM/W1 SOP QRP SSB 12648
Les K1DNX SOP Low Mixed 32450
Marc K1MZ SOP QRP CW 141360
Mike KB1FWN SOP Low SSB 34656
Dave KB1MU SOP Low SSB 3306
Tris KE1DF SOP Low CW 81558
Jim KK1W SOP Low Mixed 342528
John Kx1x SOP Low SSB 195696
Tom N1MUV SOP Low SSB 7070
Steve N1SR SOP Low SSB 42828
Jim WB1Z SOP Low Mixed 29260 
  Total Club Score: 925124

If we are going to beat last year’s score, we need more participation. It’s doubtful the sun will cooperate as well as it did last year. Are YOU up helping HCRA get over the 1,000,000 point mark?


Jim, KK1W:  I spent way (WAY) too much time in the contest! Time spent operating I should have spent Christmas shopping. The band was good, Saturday especially but I got up too late to get a good jump on the Europeans. Interesting that even after the band closed it was possible to make QSO’s within 1000 miles. I guess that just points out that “the band is dead” just means everyone is listening, not transmitting. This is a fun contest, and a good way to add to your country or state totals with very little effort. Can’t wait until next December to do it again.

Jim, WB1Z:  Worked 9 hours on the contest, and was trying to get some more states for 10 meter WAS. Did pick up Mississippi, but never heard Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania. Hell of a pileup when Isle of Man showed up Sunday morning. Like an idiot I worked AA1TE (I think he was QRP) on CW. At least KK1W doesn’t look like he was HCRA leader by default. Make sure you send your logs in or the HCRA Log Enforcement Officer (KB1MU) will be on your case. Gotta watch out for those LEOs.

Steve, N1SR:  Got on to make a few contacts…..and then a few more….and a few more. Wound up almost equaling my 2001 score (more Qs fewer mults). Halfway thru the contest (yes, this one is a contest) I noticed the power meter was only peaking at 25 watts. Checked the rig controls to try to find a way to increase power out (new rig, first real period of operating it) couldn’t find any way to increase power out, so chalked it up to either a defective meter or a faulty rig. Was making contacts at a reasonable rate so didn’t worry too much about it. After the contest, I checked the power out with another meter, also was peaking at 25 Watts out. Then I turned to the instruction manual. Sure enough, the front panel control marked “Power” when rotated clockwise increase output to 100 Watts. Guess I renewed my Moron Net membership for a few weeks. The loss of 75 Watts output (about 6 dB) probably resulted in the loss of about 7 or 8 Qs, but more importantly, at least 5 multipliers, which would have put me over last years score.

Dan, AA1TE:  Well you all got my spiel in the email. No where to go but up. Maybe next go around I’ll even convince the morons who were phone only to take a gander down on cw. Mark, Tris and I need company! Best DX: Russia. Prep for FD and next year: up my contest code speed to about 25 wpm at the minimum and find more hours to get on the air during the times 10 is open. Moron count: KK1W, WB1Z, KE1DF

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