ARRL 10M 2009

Name Call Worked Member SSB QSO's CW QSO's Totals QSO's Mult Score
Jim K1JAW Y - 19 19 3 192
Dave KB1MU Y 31 - 31 8 480
Mike N0HI Y 9 8 17 4 176
Tom N1MUV Y 23 - 23 4 184
Ed W1NY Y 77 18 95 17 3400
Chris WB1ACE Y 5 - 5 2 16
Earl KD1UU Y 11 - 11 4 80
Eric Jim Mary Matt WB1Z Y 163 185 348 65 67730
HCRA Totals 319 230 549 107 72258



KK1W: We got the station moved into a temporay home in the basement just in time for the contest this year. With the new, larger location there was space once again to host a multi-single station. It worked out real well and we Mary – N1TOY, Eric – KB1JVI and Matt – KB1TCL spending some time on the air.

The WB1Z club call was used this year and I’m sure Jimmy would be happy, but maybe a little embarrassed about the CW score, if he were around to see it. Both Mary and Matt had an opportunity to operate and make some HF contacts. Eric, with his FD and past 10 meter experience operated and took some time to coach Matt on some of the finer points of contesting and logging.

Although sunspots were not present 10 meters offered up some interesting propagation over the 48 hours of the contest. Sometimes the difference was only a few mintues from thinking the antenna had been disconnected to wide open signals from South Dakota to South America! Add in a long 2 1/2 hour opening Saturday night and I believe we had better conditions than last year.

It was really great to be able to host new operators, hopefully we can get even more out to the station next year. Here’s a few shots of Matt & Eric working some South American stations late Sunday afternoon.

Sure looks like they’re having a fun afternoon!

It was a pleasure to work so many HCRA members over the weekend. Activity is what it is all about!

Jim, KK1W

N0HI: Got back in time to work a little bit of the contest last night. Not too much, only a couple hours, but about 50/50 CW/Phone. Did work K1JAW, KB1PKJ, and a few other HCRA folk. Heard WB1Z, but they didn’t hear me call. In fact, the auto CQ’s were so close, if the full QSK wasn’t on, I doubt they heard anyone! Also worked N8RA, AA1JD, K5ZD, N2KW (at K1TTT). Called CQ and K1JAW called me, then Minnesota banged in with a giant sig when I could barely hear the local folk.. Go figure!

I just climbed out of the car (literally) from a 24 hr drive from Des Moines, Iowa to Feeding Hills, so I figure it isn’t terrible! I wish I had time to get on Sunday as well, since conditions Saturday were awful. Did work N1MUV, KB1PQW and K1JAW (who might have been QRP, but was S9 plus here), as well as a few other locals. Much more activity on phone than CW…usually not the case with this one, but some 10m Q’s are better than none (in whatever mode). Still having amp issues, so je n’amplifique pas and didn’t bother with the cluster.

Anyway, here’s my score, albeit lower than I initially intended. Let’s see some other scores too!


N1MUV: Hello All -I felt like a refuge from the dark side. 6 hr.effort totaling 23 contacts, 4 multis =184 pts. Bright side was,the clean HF pipeline to South Dakota. Maybe 15 min opening Sun.1:00 pm our time. Still awaiting the propagation turnaround. Log & report on the way to league

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