ARRL 10M 2008

Name Call Class QSO's Mult Score
George & Ed KC1V MultiOP – Mixed 145 41 18352
Jim KK1W SOLP – Mixed 135 33 15114
John K1VOI SOLP – Phone 9 2 36
John Kx1x SOLP – Phone 24 10 480
Jim K1JAW QRP – CW 11 4 176
Steve AB1HG SOLP – CW 13 4 104
Dave KB1MU SOLP – Mixed 34 10 640
Ed KB1NWH SOLP – Phone 1 1 2
Rick WW3DE SOLP – Mixed 41 19 2774
Larry KB1CWO SOLP – Phone 23 8 352
Pat KB1OAP SOLP – Phone 42 4 168
Total Club Score: 478 136 38378


KK1W: For the second year in a row I think propagation was worse than the prior year. No sunspots and my propagation program actually showed a -5 as an effective sunspot number. More like an ineffective number if you ask me. Although the band was poor I heard a boatload of HCRA members on the air. Fantastic!! We are close to doubling our last year’s score. Not bad gang.

I’ll have to say the highlight of the contest was working Pat, KB1OAP on CW. See, CW is not dead, even to the new guys. Nice job Pat!

When all was said and done it was fun again – who needs sunspots? See you next year and I promise, propagation has to better.

Jim, KK1W


KC1V: This contest is more fun every year! Ed and I went pretty much all out this year with a new antenna and high power, not to mention lots of hours and lots of CQing. We rebuilt Ed’s 10-meter Yagi, using a design I worked out using YW, an antenna program that comes with the ARRL Antenna book. That gave us 5 elements on a 28-foot boom at 42 feet. We also had an R8 vertical, but didn’t use it very much. The SB-1000 linear ran at about 900 watts out on cw and around 1200 watt PEP on phone. And, like every year, just getting together and spending some time “playing radio” was the best part of the weekend. It was great to work so many other HCRA members this year.

Ed, KB1NWH demonstrating how hard contesting really is!

George, KC1V


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