ARRL 10M 2006

Name Call Class Score
John K1VOI Mixed – ? 4118
Jim KK1W Mixed – LP 33642
George KC1V Multi 13800
Earl KD1UU Mixed – ? ?
Jim K1JAW CW – QRP 1004
Tom N1MUV SSB – LP ?
Rick N1RL Mixed – LP 12000
Dave KB1MU SSB – LP 1332
Les K1DNX Mixed – LP 140
Crew DX NE1C Multi ?
Total Club Score: 66036


Jim, KK1W:
Well, I had good intentions to spend a ‘significant’ amount of time on the contest this year. No need to go into what happened to those plans! I worked about 10 hours total, some on Friday evening, a good hunk on Saturday and a few hours Sunday morning. The band was up and down but really faded late Saturday afternoon. My score was well below last year’s but oh well. I did work a bunch of club members. It was really nice to hear the gang on the air having fun. I actually ended up mobile Sunday afternoon and turned my rig on. First station I heard was in SD (no, I had not worked that multiplier at home. I did work a few while mobile but used the WB1Z call. I really couldn’t count is as a contest entry. I worked a few more, TN and AL so I hope the call doesn’t get rejected by the log checkers! Jim would be pleased to know his call was back on the air again. Still, a fun contest and one I wouldn’t want to miss next year!

George, KC1V:

Another 10-meter contest is over. Aside from coming down with a bug that wiped me out Friday night and all of Saturday it was a great contest. Ed, KB1NWH, stopped by this afternoon and between the two of us, we made 100 mixed Qs for a total score of 13,800 some point. Ed handled most of the SSB contacts, with me as control op, and I got some (needed) practice on cw.

Missed some of the club members that I’m sure were on, but worked more CT stations than in the past. In fact, early on, the log looked like it could have been a 2-meter simplex contest! But then the band opened up and we had QSOs coast to coast along with a hand full of DX. And, best of all, it was a lot of fun.

Rick, N1RL:

The 160-Meter Contest has been my primary December operating event for years, but I took a few hours to try my hand at the 10-Meter Contest this weekend, and it was really a lot of fun! Even though I’m not especially well-equipped for 10 (no beams, just a couple of multiband dipoles) and didn’t run the amp (too much RFI!), I put somewhat more than 12,000 points in the log Sunday afternoon. The real thrillers were contacts like these: ZL1BYZ, KF6T, H7A, LT7W, W7RN and VP5D.

The ZL1 was loud and came back on the first call! Heard a ZL4 too, but I didn’t try to work him. Also did a bit of SSB operating and even picked up a few good ones by calling CQ. Of course, as George says, lots of CT stations (and MA too), but I also worked RI, which was a mini coup in itself. In all, a total of 80 Qs on both modes.

Will definitely make a bigger effort next year, time permitting.


Although this was my first 10 meter contest; At 15 wpm, I felt like a novice operating with some real pros… I will be back!… Thanks to KK1W for getting me involved.

1. k1rm / w1rm I checked my notes, looks correct but it is too much of a coincidence (Is there any way of my checking?)

2. n2tta – speed was a factor; I’m only 95% sure of the callsign


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