ARRL 10M 2016

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If you participated in ARRL 10M contest 2016 and you are an HCRA member, Please submit your claimed scores to HCRA. An E-mail as sent out.

Solar Conditions on 12/11/2016: SFI-71, SN-13, K-A, A-15

Call Operators Class Mode QSOs Mult Total
KK1W KK1W SOHP-U MIX 329 89 104130
NF1G NF1G SOHP MIX 80 37 9906
N1AW N1AW SOLP CW 48 21 4032
N1FTP N1FTP SOLP SSB 41 24 1968
W1NY NT1K SOLP MIX ### ### ###


From Jim Mullen (KK1W):

K3S, KPA500, 3 Ele SteppIR at 50′
N1MM+ logging. I made up a custom cluster filter for this contest, seemed to work OK.

Limited operating time this year as I had conflicts Friday night and Sunday afternoon/evening. Managed a decent effort most of Saturday to get some Q’s in the log. Best run was Sunday morning with a rate of 101/hr. Concentrated on CW and searching for mults. It seemed SSB activity was low and with very few spots. I spent a lot of time S&P on voice with N1MM+ set to auto spot to help those ops grab additional Q’s.
Started late Friday night around 10 PM (local). Made a whole two (2) Q’s! Saturday was much better, had a few decent runs and good propagation for mults to the south. Sunday was great for mult hunting in the morning. I had an afternoon commitment and when I returned about 4PM the band was quite DEAD! I quit at five to go out to dinner. I don’t think I missed much 🙁
The equipment worked well with zero problems. The K3S isn’t the flashiest rig on the block but it is a pleasure to use the filters and dig out contacts within a few hundred hertz of each other. Worked an number of HCRA members over the weekend.
I was surprised only two club members utilized the live score reporting at It’s a great way to see how you’re doing compared to others in your category or just a quick look at how the club is doing. N1MM+ automatically sends the scores out, all you do is check a box. Try it the next contest, it’s fun!
Even in the bad years ARRL 10M is a fun contest. You can have fun, work hard and still get a good night’s sleep!

’till next year…

From Albert Woodhull (N1AW)

I didn’t get started until Saturday noon. Activity was sparse, it was a very relaxed contest. In a half dozen spurts of a half hour to an hour I operated S&P until I had worked or given up on working every station I could hear. Then tried to run for 10 or 15 minutes with little success, and went off to do something else for a few hours. Total operating time was about four hours. I used 50 watts to an HF6B vertical, made 48 CW QSOs in 50 states and 6 DX countries.