Successful New England SOTA Day

Thanks to the efforts of Nick (K1MAZ), the SOTA Jerks (NE1SJ) and all those who participated, we were able to pull off the inaugural New England SOTA Day. We had about 10 activators from around New England and Canada activate SOTA peaks all around the same time on August 10th 2012.

Activators Include

Callsign Name Summit Designation Location
NE1SJ Frandy (N1FJ) Pocumtuck Rock W1/MB-015 Deerfield MA
KK1W Jim Webb Hill W1/CR-011 Hardwick MA
K1MAZ Nick Quabbin Hill W1/CR-013 Ware MA
NT1K Jeff Mt. Tom W1/MB-006 Holyoke MA
WN1E Dave Mt. Norwottuck W1/CR-004 Amherst MA
KB1RMA Chris Fort Mountain W1/MV-002 Epson NH
N1EU Barry Misery Mountain W1/MB-021 Williamstown MA
N1AW Al Bald Mountain W1/MB-014 Bernardston MA
W1PNS Peter Putney Mtn. W1/GM-114 Putney VT
VA2SG Jean Mt Brassard VE2/LR-052 Quebec CA

* – Bold Callsigns are members of HCRA

Soap Box

NT1K's NE SOTA Setup

Jeff (NT1K) Mt. Tom
Climb was easier than I recall. It only took little over 1/2 hour to make the hike. Forgot some equipment which limited my G5RV Jr. height to about 12ft. I thought it was going to cause some issues but I managed to make a decent amount of contacts including a hand full of summit to summit contacts.




KK1W SOTA Aug 10 - Webb Jim (KK1W), Webb Hill
This was my second time on Webb Hill. If you read the trip log from our first activation you know the story of the huge ant hills on the trail. They are still there. I drove up Hill road until I didn’t want to scratch my truck any more, parked and walked to the trail head. Once there I followed the trail until the ant hills came into view, then I used the ‘go to’ function in Back Country Navigator to bushwhack from there to the summit. Too many ants for me! The hike is about .3 miles with maybe 200′ elevation gain.

During setup there was no breeze and the mosquitoes were unbelievable. I literally bathed myself in Deet, it helped but it was still miserable. I mentally decided I was ‘outa-there’ ASAP once I made a few contacts. Thankfully a breeze came up and it was fine from that point on. There’s no suitable rocks up there for setup but I kluged an operating desk out of my backpack and hung it off a tree. All in all I was QRV for about two hours and made lots of contacts on 40 and 20 meters, both CW and phone, and a few on 2 meter FM. By the time I broke down the station around 2:00 PM there were 41 QSO’s in the log including 10 S2S contacts. Very cool!

I used an EFHW wire antenna with one end suspended 25′ up in a nearby tree. the antenna tuned well on 40, 20, 17 and 15 but I didn’t see any skimmer spots on 15 so I’m not sure how well it was working on that band.

All in all a fun time on a beautiful day.


AL (N1AW), Bald Mtn

My activation of Bald Mountain W1/MB-014 was frustrated by the SOTA database which said “object reference not set to an instance of an object” when I clicked Submit. I’m supposed to be a computer professional (retired) but that wasn’t helpful.
Other than that, and not getting on the air on 146.52 until 1705Z and on HF until 1759Z (poor planning and misplaced antenna parts). I had a good time, my first solo activation and a previously unactivated summit. Results: 11 QSOs (3 on 2m, 3 on 40m, 4 on 20m, and 1 on 15m), 3 S2Ss, VT and CA, (but the two in VT were two different ops on different bands on the same summit). Sorry I didn’t work any of you guys, I heard someone talking to NE1SJ once on 2m but did not hear Frandy and I was on 20 cw at the time anyway.
I sent a message to the SOTA database manager, I presume eventually my log will be accepted.

Chris (KB1RMA), Fort Mountain1082352_10200632696682945_79513529_o 963820_10200632696722946_1906873779_o


Dave (WN1E), Mt. Norwottuck


Nick (K1MAZ), Quabbin Hill 


Pete (W1PNS) w/ Charles (N1CAI), Putney Mountain:

Please read pete’s write up on his blog!

Any additional information please contact us!

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  1. You could add to the list of SOTA activators N1CAI, Charles, who was on W1/GM-114 on 146.52, along with W1PNS operating HF.

    Another summit I worked was K2AEP on Stratton Mtn, however he did not seem to be doing it as a SOTA activation and I did not count it as such.

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