HCRA 10M Contest Challenge!

Yep, it’s back again this year – the HCRA Challenge. Last year we offered a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card to any member scoring over 77,000 points. Many members blew past the 77K goal and scored well over 100K! So, what’s the goal for 2012 you ask?

Using the same formula as last year (total club score/participants) that would work out to 73,626 points. I don’t know about you but a goal, especially considering present solar conditions, shouldn’t be less than last year’s, do you? Therefore I’m proposing the following:

Challenge Score: 100,000 points

If you score 100K points or higher in the 2012 ARRL 10 meter contest you will win a $10 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card courtesy of HCRA for your efforts. In order to qualify for your ‘prize’ you have to notify me via email with your entry category and claimed score AND submit your log to ARRL for processing. When submitting your log don’t forget to put “Hampden County Radio Association” in the affiliated club line of your entry. The 10M Challenge is open to members HCRA, if you’re not a member you can’t submit a club entry, sorry.

Are there any folks interested in opening up their station for a multi-operator effort? Please post a comment either here or on facebook if you can, it is a fantastic way to get new folks excited about HF operating.


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