Election Results

At HCRA’s June 2017 meeting, the members in attendance has voted in the 2017-2018 board of directors. Your directors are as follows

Position Photo Name Callsign
President David Fant WM1B
Vice-President OPEN OPEN
Treasurer hcra-nv1q-150x150 Juergen Malner NV1Q
Secretary Harold Woering W1FTP
Newsletter   Gary Fields W1MOW
At Large Karl Krassler KB1RXO
Membership hcra-k1voi-150x150 John  Plaster K1VOI
Program Larry Krainson W1AST
Technical K1YO Robert  Meneguzzo K1YO

There is still a position available, if you have any interest in serving on the board of directors, please contact your board of directors

HCRA BOD meeting notes for January 20th, 2016

HCRA BOD meeting notes for 20-Jan-2016

President: NT1K
Vice President: N1FTP
Treasurer: NV1Q
Membership: K1VOI
Program Dir: W1AST
ZB Editor: WA1MOW
Tech Dir: K1YO

At-Large: W1MOR
Secretary: WM1B

President Report:

– Jim Mullen has volunteered to help out with updating our Website.
– A Web Forum has been created at “members.hcra.org”. The site will be
directed and administered by the BOD. It will be a members only site and
integrated with our web site.

VP Report:

– 90 tickets for the TS590SG have been sold to date. The minimum goal is 150
tickets sold. Many tickets will be sold at the MTARA flea market. We should reach
our goal plus some.

Treasurer Report:

– There was quite a bit of discussion on how to divvy up the funds from the Xmas
party. From members to non-members to MTARA members and non-member
spouses as well as member spouses. There may be some double-dipping. This
needs to be revisited.

Financial Statement:

Beginning balance: $6771.95
Dep/Wdr: $1038.68
Ending Balance: $7810.63

Membership Report:

– There are 89 members with 80 paid and 9 family members. Question was
raised, why does it take so long for some individuals to renew? Could there be
some sort of incentive added to renewing? One suggestion was to put all the paid
members in Zero Beat. If your name is not there, you didn’t pay. This also answers
the question “Did I already pay my dues?”. Also discussed was greeting new
members and asking them what their interests are at the monthly meetings.

Program Dir Report:

Here is a tentative list from W1AST

– February 6, 2016: Jon Koltai, Hamsource – Power poles & really cool shack gadgets
– March 2016:  First Robotics Competition: Gary, WA1MOW
– April 2016: Mini Presentation: Jeff, AB1WT: Portable IRLP & Echolink Node PLUS
Show and Tell
– May 2016: Jon Perelstein, WB2RYV –  How to Report Weather & How to Properly
Read Your Weather App
– June: Field Day planning, Jeff, NT1K


– September 9, 2016: Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP – Solar Power and RFI, what you
need to know
– October 7, 2016: Dennis Markel, N1IMW : The history of WCC and Chatham
Marconi Radio.
– Nov 2016: tbd
– Dec 2016: annual HCRA Holiday Party

Zero Beat Editor:

– Submit your articles by 29th of January. Submit anything, please. Someday there
will be blank pages in Zero Beat…

Technical Director Report:

– 2 requests on interference. Services rendered, none.


Old Business

Welcome Package:

A draft of the Welcome Package was handed out. The BOD must read and submit
changes to Jeff or Larry within the next 2 weeks. These Packages will be handed
out to all who pass their exams.A motion was made for HCRA to pay for the printing of the Welcome Package. The front page should be printed in color with printing on both sides. Staples is the preferred vendor for printing.

In Favor – 7
Apposed – 0

A motion was made for HCRA to pay for the printing of the HCRA tri-fold as well.
In Favor -7
Apposed – 0

Stub J-Pole Project:

The material has been purchased and cut. 80% of the project is complete.

License class exams:

Classes will be held on April 27,28, and 30. With Saturday being a full day.
Bob, K1YO has volunteered to help with the Extra Class.

DXLabs Class:

Setup will be on Feb 6th starting at 9am. Looks like 6-7 people will be in the class.
The Club will supply Coffee and donuts.


New Business

Field Day:

We need Band captains ! Band captains bring their own radios and computers.
Antennas and antenna accessories are supplied by the Club.

Larry W1AST has volunteered to step up for 40m CW.
Jeff NT1K will be contacting the Parks & Rec dept.

Field Day will be discussed at the next membership meeting.

Open Floor

More special classes and presentations.

– Introduction to digital modes
– Tips and Tricks on Towers
– Contesting in general/Awards chasing
– Member Benefits

EZ-UP with Walls

Gary made a query as to purchasing a good EZ-UP for the Club. In the $300 range.

One with walls. A motion to purchase a EZ-UP with walls and not to exceed $300
was made.

In Favor – 7
Apposed – 0

The Big E’s 100th

The discussion was around HCRA participating for only a weekend. Gary will look
into getting permission and location. Participants will be required to purchase their own entry tickets for each day. To be successful, we need to make this a very
big deal. SDR’s, HF live, Multiple Monitors, tower, large antenna. More will be
discussed at the next BOD meeting .

Next meeting with be in Mid March and be a VOIP meeting.
Jeff will be handling the details with “Google Hangouts”

September 10, 2015

HCRA Board Meeting September 10, 2015
Harold (N1FTP) Gary (WA1MOW) Jeff (NT1K) Bob (K1Y0) John (K1VOI) Juergen (NV1Q) Dave (WM1B) Larry (W1AST)

President summarized the activities. Still looking for a Web Master
Vice President Harold Woering was introduced and had no additional comments

Treasurer indicated he had the bank account and the electronic banking straightened out. Balance of $7, 090.67 which includes $410 dues and $202.93 in pay Pal Dues.

Gary questioned why the Financial Report was not presented to the Board. Larry (W1AST) moved that an annual report be prepared for the June meeting . Seconded by John (K1VOI) Passed

Secretary: All reports due have been submitted

Membership: At the September meeting 47 renewals 6 family and 2 probationary 39 paid.

At Large Eric (W1MOR): Absent no report

ZB Editor (WA1MOW): Handed out a sheet of HCRA Meetings and Zero Beat Dates. Also he submitted a list of information that he would like from the board.

Tech (K1YO) Nothing to report

Program (W1AST): Next month speaker is Steve (WA1ZEV) presenting a Talk on Digital Mobile Radio. Currently there are three open months. Show and Tell in April to be advertised and promoted in Zero Beat A prize to be given. Actual prize will be determined at the next BOD meeting. Possible SKYPE meeting with a famous person. EM ideas to Larry – he will pursue.


Holiday Party: Tickets must be printed and ready for the October meeting. Date December 7th. Menu Chicken Marsala and Broiled Haddock, Roasted Red Bliss Potato. Cost $20 per person club to pick up rest. Door Prize: Limit to three. Possible Gift cards Review and finalize at next BOD meeting.

Welcome Package: Jeff published a sample =first draft and requested the board to review and get comments back to him. Target date End of Year.

Open Stub J-Pole Antenna Project: Gary has the connectors. Jeff has put the project on hold due to work schedule. Gary will help as material becomes available.

HCRA Facebook: Larry moved and many seconded to make the HCRA Facebook group” closed”. Passed.

Radio Class: Conversation with Amherst to do a public class before the end of the year in Amherst and an additional class at HMC for the local people. Will be a three session and home study prior to the class followed by VEC session.


Checks to Agawam Parks & Rec and HMS $250 each Moved by Bob (K1YO) seconded by Larry(W1AST) passed.

Membership DB: Secretary: Moved that Membership be handled by Membership Chair. Approved

Membership Chair was also appointed as the administrator on the Reflector.

Juergen (NV1Q) indicated that Dave (KB1MU) had turned over the achieves to him and that he was going through them. Jeff (NT1K) indicated that he would take responsibility to store the achieves when Juergen was completed with them.

Gary (WA1MOW) suggested that we have a Saturday AM class for new hams to provide specific information on different subjects.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM

David Fant/WM1B

June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

HCRA BOD Meeting Minutes
June 11th, 2015
Location: IHOP West Springfield MA
Meeting called to order by President Jeff NT1k
Daye AA1Y Larry W1AST Juergen NV1Q John K1VOI
Bob K1YO Gary WA1MOW Jeff NT1K Ed KB1NWH
Dave WM1B

Officer Reports
Past President: Great Year A lot of Fun. Transfer PO Box to Gary WA1MOW.
President – NT1K – Transition from Ed (NWH), Goals as President: Will be asking for individuals to handle the work that is their responsibility. President cannot do everything. Will be working with ARRL to draft a New Member Welcome Package. Web Site and twitter account are general access. Will be looking for a new Web-Master to take over the responsibility of the web. Looking to get HCRA into the Public Eye. Discussion on a postcard to the 700 Hams in Hamden County. Something to look at over the summer before fall.
Vice President – OPEN – Thoughts for candidate for VP?
Treasurer – NV1Q – Transition from Dave (AA1YW), Balance 6/11/2015 $ 6,825.51 Discussion to provide a donation to D-Xpedition (http://www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8/ ) Will curb for future meeting. Dave and Juergen To transfer books on Saturday.
Secretary – WM1B – Any paperwork due? 990-N After July and also Update ARRL Website
Director Reports
Technical – K1YO – Status report: Put up antenna in Holland for KC1DKU Blair.
Zero Beat – WA1MOW – ZB Deadline, Featured Member? Deadline for next ZB is August 28. Possible New Member , Silent Key, Technical Corner “Ask Bob”
Membership – K1VOI – Transition from Rich (N1KXR) Currently 104 Members 92 Paying. WM1B to send copy of Data Base to John K1VOI
Past At Large: Jeff reported on issues
At Large – W1MOR absent – no report
Program – W1AST – Programs for 2015/16 Season. Confirmations – November meeting set up, Balance will be finished by end of summer.

Old Business
Holiday Party – Any more places to consider? Review prices at Wilbraham CC and also keep Steaming Tender in the mix.
Field Day – AB-577 acquired for $300.00, 40-2CD repair clamps needed and are on order.
HCRA BOD Site – Should we still use it? Decision was made to drop the use of the site.
New Business
ARRL Cabinet meeting 7/11 (Boxborough)
Open Stub J-Pole Antenna Project October meeting, Cost about $20 per kit Motion made to cover the expenses of NT1K for costs of kits.
Welcome package for new operators.
Make Facebook group private. A poll to be taken of who wants it to be closed.
WM1B moves that we have membership cards for members. Dave to print. Gary seconded. Passed.
Question as to renting a van to go to Boxborough for the convention. Jeff will put it on the web for questions for interest. Gary to check on price
No membership raffle this fall.
BOD summer picnic at NT1K’s house. Last week of August . 23-29.
WM1B Moved to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 9:16 PM

Dave Fant Secretary

May 7, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

May 7th 2015, IHOP

Meeting called to order at 7:10 by President Ed KB1NWH,
In attendance: Larry W1AST, Gary WA1MOW, Rick N1KXR, Bob K1YO, Jeff NT1K, Dave WM1B, Guests, Faye Krainson,

VP W1MOR Report : Absent No Report

TREASURER AA1YW Report: Absent No Report

SECRETARY WM1B Any Business: Discussion of Ham Club testing Beta Data Base for membership. Consensus is that we not go in at this time, further discussion of keeping our existing DB as one will be discussed at future meetings.

MEMBERSHIP N1KXR Head count: 96 total: 83 Paid, 5 family, 3 Life, 5 Prospects

TECHNICAL K1YO Issues: Any classes coming up? He has been asked by a couple of individuals if we are having a class soon. Jeff will Plan a Technician class this fall. Bob helped a new ham (KC1DKU) put up an antenna this past week. Also setup a switch for KB1VWQ

PROGRAM : W1AST Great Job This year Concern about attendance at last two meetings, A lot attributed to season. We discussed about a time limit of 45min to an hour. Looks like interesting programs in the works for next year. Discussion on a possible weekend (Sat) training session on DX Labs. Guest speakers enjoy the dinner.

AT-LARGE NT1K. FD Update: Plea for help went out. All stations have captains. Towers: The 4th tower that was borrowed in the past is no longer available. We are currently looking for a 4th AB 577 tower to use or purchase. We are looking to operate as a 5A . If we can’t get an additional AB577 tower we will operate as 4A. One as a WRTC tower and operate as a CW station only. The set up and equipment test will be at Dave’s QTH for Sunday, May 17 at 10AM.
Park: An E-Mail  to the park was sent, we are still waiting for the response regarding specific details. Raffle: TBD

Website: Major updates with some patches. About 50 unique hits a day, Special pages are getting good hits. HCRA BOD to be discussed at next meeting with new board.

ZB WA1MOW Dead line date? Gary requested that no additions be submitted after the draft published. Content is to be submitted to Gary. May 29 – closing date for June issue. Question regarding taking ads for ZB. Decision was that we do not want to enter into this issue.


Holiday Party: Discussion regarding locations. Table for next Board Meeting: June 11, 7:00 PM

Target Cost per member $20 for a total cost of $35 maximum including gratuity.

Slate of 2015-2016 Officers

President Jeff NT1K
Vice President OPEN
Treasurer Juergen NV1Q
Secretary Dave WM1B
Membership John K1VOI
Technical Bob K1YO
Program LarryW1AST
At Large Eric W1MOR
Zero Beat Gary WA1MOW

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

Respectively Submitted,
David Fant Secretary WM1B

Mar 12th Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Started 7:15

VP W1MOR Report.  Nothing to report

TREASURER AA1YW Report.  Balance $9095.  KX3 profit $781.22.  Christmas party cost $931, Used 40 meter beam cost $200, Donation HMC $250, Donation Agawam Park and Rec $250

SECRETARY – WM1B : Any Business.  Paper work up to date

MEMBERSHIP N1KXR Head count 102 members

TECHNICAL K1YO Report.  Online tech time- waiting for participants.  Assist WM1B with antenna when weather a little better.  Assist KA1DDv with headset wiring.

PROGRAM W1AST Who is our next speaker? High Altitude Ballooning – Larry Palmer (NW1X).  Speaker for may secured

AT-LARGE NT1K.  Outstanding Job at the Flea!  Working on welcome packets for the new hams from the VE sessions.  Ericand Larry to assist.  Web site up to date, New button for FD 2015.  In process of creating a New member form for the web site.

ZB WA1MOW Dead line date? 3/27.  Want copy of database for e-mail addresses.


Organize slate of officers

Pres – NT1K
VP – Open
Treasurer – Juergen NV1Q
Secretary – WM1B
Membership – Open
Technical – K1YO
Program – Open
At Large – W1MOR

FD 2015

Jeff had sent out a wake up a while ago.  Now we need to start acting.

Need to definitely have a test and tune day.  We have all new antennas to us, and FD is not the time to guess. The trailer is at AA1YW’s and the other 40 meter beam is at W1MOR’s.

I Sent an e-mail to MTARA about selling us a AB577.  If not then we need to borrow one.  Frandy?  Steve (N1SR)?,MTARA?

We need to start getting operators, band captains, and set up crew organized.

The park is secured.  Not sure on the usage of the new band shell or power.  There is a nice pavilion there but not sure about the usage of that either.  I will talk to Chris about these in the next month.

Should there be a FD committee or should it be the board? There should be its own committee


Jeff NT1K mentioned about the club building another antenna.  This time it would be a Stub J Pole AKA, OSJ pole.  For a fee of $35 he would supply the materials for you to build.

Next BOD meetings:

Both at the IHOP in West Springfield
May 7th
June 11th

Meeting ended 8:45


Respectively Submitted

Jan 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

HCRA. BOD Meeting Minutes for Jan 9, 2015
Location: Boys and Girls Club of Greater Westfield

Called to Order @ 18:30

BOD Members in attendance

  • Rich  N1XR                   via conference call
  • Jeff   NT1K                   in person
  • Bob      K1YO               in person
  • Gary     W1MOW                      in person
  • Eric      W1MOR                       in person
  • Ed        KB1NWH         in person

VP W1MOR-Holiday party- Sales, Recap.

  • 53 tickets sold by HCRA

Treasurer AA1YW-report.

  • Need a check for the HMC for a donation for the use of the room.
  • Donation check to Agawam Park and Rec.
  • MTARA to mail a check for $1,250.11 to the HCRA P.O.Box for Holiday party reimbursement
  • Name Badges to be increased from $11.00 to $12.00 due to loss of  revenue
  • Money requested and ratified for used beam purchase in the amount of $175.00
  • $11.00 profit of 50/50 Raffle from January club meeting
  • $92.00 check requested for PO Box payment

Secretary WM1B-report,

  • absent

ZB WA1MOW- deadline for ZB.

  • Any more input from members?
  • Should we discontinue?
  • Ask an Elmer section?
  • Classified Section?
  • Should we ask other clubs for content?
  • Add contact info and procedures for ordering custom attire provided by W1AST

At Large/Website NT1K-updates, KX3 sales.

  • KX3 sales on track and all websites being managed/maintained/updated

Membership  N1XR

  • We have 96 total members valid through 2015. The breakdown is as follows:
  • Paid members: 83
  • Family members: 5
  • Prospect (Free): 5
  • Life ((Free): 3

Program W1AST-

  • Need to advertise the meetings.
  • Request contact info and procedures for ordering custom attire

Technical K1YO-

  • tech corner before the meeting.
  • Started with antenna diagnostics.

BOD Mtg locations.

  • Larry (W1AST), Gary (W1MOW), & Rich (N1XR) to form a committee to find and reserve suitable location for March BOD meeting.

Meeting Adjourned @ 19:42

Board Meeting Minutes – May 6th 2014

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
May 6, 2014

Officers Reports

President – KK1W

Jim submitted a plan for the transfer of officers responsibilities to the new incoming officers.

Retiring officers were asked to mentor the new officers for a couple of months to be sure that the new

officers were up and running in their new positions. All agreed to do so and to begin the process

immediately. Jim indicated that he had been already working with the new Secretary in getting him up

to speed. (Much appreciated!)

Treasurer – AA1YW

Dave indicated that the balance was $13,040.53 +$4,oo. We owe $4000 to WRTC by May 31.

There is still an outstanding balance of $971 owed by members for purchased WRTC equipment. Profit

from the WRTC resale was $1053.

Liability Insurance was paid for the May1 – May 1, 2015 period

Secretary – WM1B (interim)

No report – getting up to speed (slowly!)

Directors Reports

Technical – K1YO: Nothing to report

Zero Beat – N1FJ: June issue in preparation and will be joint effort with Gary –WA1MOW

Membership – N1KXR: No report

At-Large – KX1X

John reported that currently Crew 510 which was formed in 2001 currently has only 2 members.

Program – W1MSW

Speakers are lined up through the end of the year. Also a spreadsheet is available listing

speakers and dates of speakers in the past. This will be passed on to the new Program Chairman.

Old Business

Field Day is moving forward. No interest expressed for cook, Decision not to have a food kitchen. Matt

will present an N1MM review/training session at June meeting.

New Business

Holiday Party set to go with Mt Tom Club at Steaming Tender Not interested in Raffle.

New Board will need to come up with a Raffle Prize for 2014-2015.

New Board Members based upon the proposed slate for election: Larry – W1AST, Jeff – NT1K,

Gary – WA1MOW , Eric – W1MOR, Dave – WM1B

Next Meeting will be June 12, 2014, 7:00PM at Hampden Bank, 220 Westfield St. West Springfield.

Eric W1MOR will obtain and test key.

Members in Attendance

KK1W – Jim
W1MSW – Matt
AA1YN – Dave
KX1X – John
K1YO – Bob
N1FJ – Frandy
Guests: W1MOR – Eric
WM1B – Dave

Dave Fant WM1B

Board Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2014

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
March 11th, 2014

 Location: West Springfield, MA. The meeting was called to order at 7:13PM
Present: KK1W, KB1NWH, AA1YW, N1FJ, N1KXR, W1MSW


Vice President – KB1NWH
More antenna installation with Eric/W1MOR

Treasurer – AA1YW
Current financial report: $9666.49
Status of WRTC Sales: $5713.00 sold to date
Status of FT857 raffle:  Net profit for this raffle: $910.
It is noted we have a payable due WRTC by June 1st for $4000 for the WRTC stations.
We have a balance of $28.52 in our PayPal account.

Secretary – Open – KK1W will take notes
Ed is handling USPS PO Box pickup. All mail is up to date


Technical – K1YO (not present)
April’s Tech corner will expand to fill the whole meeting with the subject of Yagi antennas.

Zero Beat, N1FJ
Frandy is close to securing a service that can print and mail the USPS Zero Beats. He will be testing it  and have results for us at the May meeting.

Membership – N1KXR
Current Membership: 74 Regular, 9 Family, 3 Life and 7 Prospects
Members joining after March 1 will have an expiration date of 8/31/2015
Rich is working on a method of following up with non-renewed members from 2012 and 2013.

At Large – Not present
Venture Crew 510 Charter should be on track for renewal.

Program – W1MSW – Not present
April: – Bob/K1YO on Yagi Antennas
May:  Chuck/ARRL on the ARRL’s “Intruder Watch” program
June: Field Day planning, N1MM workshop, elections

The ‘cloud database’ has not been completed. The board decided to stay with our present Access database. Ed is maintaining it and Bob/K1YO has offered to help with queries.

Jim/KK1W is working on reaching out to members and encouraging them to join the board.

Ed/KB1NWH reported the Town of Agawam is happy to have us back for Field Day 2014. There is construction at the park but it shouldn’t pose any problems.

Dave, Jeff and Jim will develop a ‘PayPal’ workflow so next year’s Treasurer will be in a position to handle the high renewal influx.
Our table at the MTARA hamfest was a great success. We had lot’s of staff for the table and many visitors. Raffle ticket sales were brisk. HCRA donated two tickets to MTARA for raffle prizes during the hamfest. The drawing was held at noon and the winner was Frandy/N1FJ. HCRA thanks MTARA for their generous hospitality. (KK1W)

W1MSW and KB1NWH tell us Field Day 2014 planning in underway and on schedule. There was some discussion about providing food. General consensus was not to do so again this year. The main reasons are close proximity to many restaurants and a lack of a ‘food person’ to run the job. They would entertain providing coffee/donuts on Saturday and Sunday morning if a volunteer is found to do it.

Our new contact person at HMC is now Doug/KB1JC.

2013/2014 Board Meeting Dates
May 6th
June 10th

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by Jim Mullen/KK1W

Board Meeting Minutes 01/07/2014

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
January 7th, 2014

 Location: West Springfield, MA. The meeting was called to order at 7:16PM
Present: KK1W, KB1NWH, AA1YW, K1YO, N1FJ, N1KXR



Vice President – KB1NWH
Finished helping Dan/KB1VWQ with his tower project. Also helped Bob/K1YO and     Eric/W1MOR with tower/antenna installations

Treasurer – AA1YW
Current financial report: $8410.03
Status of WRTC Sales: $4875.00 sold to date
Status of FT857 raffle: 112 tickets sold to date

Secretary – Open – KK1W will take notes
Ed is handling USPS PO Box pickup. All mail is up to date


Technical – K1YO
January’s “Tech Corner” about mobile installations was well received. There won’t be a Tech Corner in March because of Show & Tell. Bob is considering many topics for future presentations including SWR, Test Equipment and Yagi theory.

Zero Beat, N1FJ
Discussion about a better (less time consuming) method to handle USPS distribution of Zero Beat. Discussion focused on finding a service that can take the electronic version and mailing list, then print and mail. Frandy will investigate possible vendors to provide the service. Motion made, seconded and approved to allow a $25/month maximum budget.
Membership – N1KXR
Current Membership: 71 Regular, 9 Family, 3 Life and 4 Prospects
Members joining after March 1 will have an expiration date of 8/31/2015
Membership has dropped about 10% from last year. Rich will be using database queries to generate a list of 2013 members that haven’t renewed and will contact them directly
Rich gave a short report of the January 4th ARRL Cabinet meeting.

At Large – Not present
Technician, General and Extra classes are on track. The first class is scheduled for January 13th. HMC and Mercy have also been contacted about the schedule and the hope is they have interested personnel.
Program – W1MSW – Not present

January: Fred/K1VR presentation was well received. The audience learned a lot and posed many questions.
February: Fred/AB1OC on Dxpedition to Bora Bora
March: Show & Tell
   April: – OPEN
May:  Chuck/ARRL on the ARRL’s “Intruder Watch” program
June: Field Day planning, N1MM workshop, elections

   The HCRA/MTARA 2013 Holiday Party was successful. The total cost to HCRA for the party, after ticket sales and MTARA’s portion was $786.08 ($15.72/person). All monies have been received and bills paid. We have reserved the Steaming Tender for December 8th, 2014.
The ‘cloud database’ project is nearing completion according to Jeff/NT1K. Estimated completion: 30 to 60 days.
   Request from John/Kx1x for funding of Venture Crew 510 (Crew DX) of $67. Motion made and approved unanimously.
We are still searching for an interim Secretary. Jim/KK1W will contact a few candidates over the next month.
According to Matt/W1MSW Show & Tell planning is done and promotion will begin near the end of January.
Ed has approached the Agawam Park & Rec department to reserve School Street Park for Field Day 2014 Ed is also putting out media announcements for the event.
There is still some confusion over PayPal accounting. Jim/KK1W and Dave/AA1YW will get this resolved.
There was much discussion over the future makeup of the board of directors. With the announcement of KK1W’s retirement and the possibility of a few other long time board members departing in June there is concern over the future of HCRA. K1YO made some suggestions pertaining to BOD planning and KK1W will work on getting the word out to our members. The board encourages all our members to consider volunteering to insure the future health of HCRA.

2013/2014 Board Meeting Dates
March 11th
May 6th
June 10th

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by Jim Mullen/KK1W